due to current NDA, not much detail can be said. ( me later i'll tell you everything.) 
amazon was like...
hey we have two projects for one of our products. 
depending how well this goes will determine future projects with the byu adlab.
and i was like...
put me in Pat Doyle, im ready. 
then it turned out...
to be two of the most intense projects i've been apart of. here's what i did...

- analyzed secondary research in regards to consumer trends and target audience amazon requested. 
- strategized potential areas where amazon can have key results.  
- oversaw 7 creative teams with my buddy Camden Buchanan. 3 in which i full-time managed and made sure the creative work was    on brief.
- kept timeline organized and on time. scheduled team meetings and client check ins. 

we got the opportunity to fly to seattle,wa where we presented our creative campaigns to amazon creative directors, team members and amazon's cmo.  

after all was said and done, amazon thought it was...


and not just your good job, give yourself a pat on the back; will call you tomorrow kind of great. they actually took 10 of our creative campaigns and are currently in production. way cool =) now we're,
working on our second amazon brief this semester, i'm managing a great team and i'm focused on making sure lightening strikes twice.