blue bell

market research: media planning. (all we wanted to really do was drive to texas and get ice cream)
blue bell has good ice cream.
...well that's all that needs to be said here then. 

wait, blue bell needs good media placement too...
i took a media planning class and our final was to create a media plan for blue bell creameries. the media plan had to be compiled into a book and then presented by our team. we had to cover an array of sorts such as SWOT analysis, defined target audience (target personas), budgets, media schedules, and of course cost.  

as i recall...
we focused on making our media plan focus on remerging into states that had been effected by blue bells ice cream listeria outbreak, which caused them to recall and retreat from a large portion of their market.  

we found gold. 
that's right, the real gold was in the media buying. you see north and south carolina where two states that lost blue bell....and guess what we found, one market that covered both states with our target audience! (we call that a 2 for 1) on top of that it was cheap! in comparison with the other markets we choose.  

i clearly remember this cause out professor susan tuckett interrupted our presentation when we brought this up and ecstatically said "you found it! isn't it great when you find it!" 

of course it is.