my name is Jonathan Castro and i've taken my share of punches throughout my life. ya they hurt a little, some more than others but fact is im still standing. 
i'm a 1st generation american that grew up in the inner city of los angeles, ca. luckily for me i had one tough mom that raised me. 
my bed was often the living room floor and my first car was a 87' buick lesabre. one was hard and the other smooth but honestly both provided what i needed.  
i didn't think i was smart enough to go to byu until late one night i was like "maybe i should go to byu..." and then byu said no. fast forward 2 years later, i had another late night with the same idea and this time byu said yes
i thought i'd be a physiologist, but those books were boring. then i thought i'd be accountant, but no one really likes filing taxes. i figured marketing was where it's at and right before i applied to business school it happened...i fell in love with advertising. 
i married my high school sweetheart, and i'm anxiously expecting the arrival of a little girl in May. 
look i got punched in the face twice for this, i really hope i can get at least 5 minutes with you. 

regardless thanks for coming.