marriott rewards.

consumer research: positioning statement. (i wish i was at that beach)
everyone likes free stuff...

but only when it's really least that was the case for millennials. marriott rewards found out about millennials when they noticed that not a lot of them were actually enrolled or even understanding how marriott rewards could benefit them.

they came to us asking if we could find a position where marriott rewards can come across as relevant to millennials. 

well being a millennial and all i thought i could help =)

don't work for free... 

we conducted numerous in-depth interviews and categorized their perceptions of travel. we ended up finding something pretty cool: 

turns out a lot of millennials are traveling for work. we double checked on this and found secondary research to prove it. as millennials are entering the work force, they're willing to take on the adventurous task of traveling for their job. the problem was that millennials saw work as work and no reward! (hey marriott we found something.) 

so work pays for it and i get rewarded...

that's right, the whole opportunity was on positioning marriott as a way to get millennials where they wanted to actually go by choosing marriott for business travel. 

our reward.

when we presented our campaign they loved it! in response to our research and position, marriott said that we confirmed with certainty that they were moving in the right direction. 

why thank you for confirming that with us to.