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yup, another one still under NDA. (here's a clue it has to do with headphones)
skullcandy needed some extra eyes...
no joke, thanks to our eye tracking lab they hired the adlab to help with some of their products.

now it wasn't just looking at things (well kinda of), we set up multiple teams that focused on a specific task in order to manage the  important research that would be presented to skullcandys marketing team. 

thanks for looking but we need more...

more research that is! 

i was part of the qualitative research team and our focus was to conduct multiple in-depth interviews that would support (or not support) eye tracking results. together our team conducted 45 interviews that were each documented and audio recorded. we analyzed the results and highlighted numerous subjective preferences in relation to skullcandys products. 

we got what they're looking for.

finally a team of students (which i was sadly not apart of due to being in seattle for our amazon project) presented at skullcandys hq in park city, ut. word on the street was they liked what we found out and the dedication we applied to the work. they're currently applying the findings of our research to their product development. 

on that note, 

skullcandy has approached the byu adlab numerous times for fundamental projects like this. it was a great opportunity to produce meaningful research that would benefit skullcandys future decisions on how they can best relate their brand to consumers.